Drillmaster BAUMA CHINA show in 2020

Many foreign customers are unable to visit the BAUMA China This year since affected by the international covid-19. However, BAUMA CHINA SHOW is held as scheduled. As the manufacturer of foundation equipment and spare parts, products including kelly bar, drill tools ( drilling bucket, core barrel, rock auger...), casing tube, powder head..., Drillmaster exhibit double-layer core barrel, powder head, casing tube and a kelly bar sample this year. Now, UNIDRILL kelly bar and Unimate drill bucket, casing tube have been well known by its strict quality control and super service at both home and abroad. This year, UNIDRILL introduced a new product this year, it is powder head. Power head is the key part of the rig, if the rotary drilling head is not good, it will cause a lot of economy loss to the rig owner. Drillmaster always pay high attention to each production details from the raw meterial, the welding, the R&D, the quality control, etc, so is power head. For example, our key sleeve position is flexible design which enable to use drifferent dia meter kelly bar,suppose you have different project needs different size kelly bar,you just need to change the sleeve to adapt the kelly bar you want to use.

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