Unidrill's high performance tool holders product range includes:  drilling bits holder, cutting chisels holders, trenching bits holders, milling picks holders, tungsten carbide conical shank bits holders, conical teeth holders. 

You also may be interested in the drilling tools as below:  foundation drilling conical round shank bits, rotary drilling rig's bullet, auger & core barrel teeth, hard rock and solf soil piling chisels, Betek, Kennametal, Bauer & Sandvik picks; coal mining bits, miner bits, surface and underground mine cutter teeth, mining equipment cutting bits, tunneling machine bits, tunneling cutting teeth; bucket wheel trencher bits & parts, trench digging picks, walk behind trenching machine chisels; road milling bits, road planning picks, asphalt and concrete road rehabilitation machine cutting bits; threaded self drilling steel anchor system, foundation hollow grouting anchor bolt, rock anchor rod,fiberglass FRP anchoring bar.

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