Drillmaster tell you how to select a good drill bit-Part 3

Third, Good welding

By using brazing technology and our specially-made brazing material, our carbide tips will not fall out whatever the formation is. The brazing deformation is small and the connection is smooth, the carbide tips and body must be carefully processed and strictly cleaned before brazing, to remove oil stains and excessively thick oxide film, to ensure the interface assembly gap. This gap must be between 0.01- 0.1mm. Otherwise the carbide tip will drop.

About Sandblasting, It can remove the attachments on the surface of the tooth body, so that the surface of the tooth body is cleaned; After the treatment, we can improve the surface strength structure, increase the cutting efficiency and lifetime, after cleaning we can easily find if the welding is qualified. Another issue is the welding slag will corrode the body of bullet bit.

Removing impurities such as surface oxide scales improves the quality. There are residues left after brazing, these must be removed, otherwise it will affect the drilling efficiency and cutting life.

Most flux residues have a corrosive effect on the brazed joints and also hinder the inspection of the solder joints, therefore it needs to be cleaned.

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