Find our rotary rig drill bucket quality by comparison

How to judge the quality of a rotary rig drill tool is good or bad?

If you want to know the quality of the drill tools you buy are good or not, see it from the details:

How about the welding line, flush,  beautiful or not?  how about the welding strip and the wear resistant block the factory use when they production rotary rig drill tools?  

How about the drill teeth they use, and you can see the quality even from the sandblasting polishing work the factory do when they production a drill tool.

So, How to judge the quality of a rotary rig drill tool is good or bad?

Three factors:

Raw Materal

Welding technique

Wear Parts

Design Technology

Drillmaster could supply the rotary rig drill tools you need to you:

With 2 factories, 10 years of production experience

We purchase Top quality raw materials from leading raw-steel factory

Our drilling tools can be customized depending on kinds of rigs and site conditions.

We require higher quality of welding, therefore we employ at least 8 years experienced welders.

Advanced welding and design ensure the products longer working life, which helps the client to reduce construction budget.



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