How to be called good teeth?UNIDRILL tell you the answer!

Good raw materials

For a good bit, the body of the bit should be made of 42Crmo, the hardness can reach 49-52 HRC., forged from the round steel. In this way, It will not damage the physical properties of the steel.

Good design

For the body of the chisel, we can find the outlook is very special, like lotus petal. The main purpose is to increase the friction force between body and rock, therefore the cutting efficiency will be higher than the normal type.

we have different body diameter as well. Normally for our heavy-duty type, the diameter is 55mm, the cutting life is much longer than the normal type.

We also have different length of the drilling bit. For example, the super-long body design is for the sticky soil.

Good welding

By using brazing technology and our specially-made brazing material, our carbide tips will not fall out whatever the formation is. 

The brazing deformation is small and the connection is smooth, the carbide tips and body must be carefully processed and strictly cleaned before brazing, to remove oil stains and excessively thick oxide film, to ensure the interface assembly gap. This gap must be between 0.01- 0.1mm. Otherwise the carbide tip will drop.



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