The importance to choose a high quality drill bit (bullet teeth)

For Drillmaster drill teeth, also called bullet teeth, drill teeth, we use imported Tungsten carbide, which has high hardness and strong rock drilling capacity. And the teeth body material of Drillmaster drill teeth ( bullet teeth ) is 42CrMo, which has high wear-resistant, strong toughness, strong compression and impact resistance. These two advantages could improve the using life of the Drillmaster carbide bullet teeth. Besides, as a reliable Tungsten carbide bullet teeth manufacturer in China, Drillmaster know the importance of a kind of high quality carbide bullet teeth for drill tools. They will affect directly the drilling efficiency of the rotary rig drilling tools. And if the durability of drill teeth is very poor, the construction side have to replace new drill tooth again and again, this also will increase the production cost. This is also the reason why it is very important to choose one kind of high quality drill buckets bullet teeth ( drill teeth).



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