UNIDRILL 530-4*16 interlocking kelly bar

Kelly bar in this video is 530-4*16, pile drill diameter 530mm, 4 sections, drill depth is 58m, type of this kelly bar is interlocking, made by UNIDRILL , China reliable kelly bar manufacturer. UNIDRILL kelly bar is widely used for BAUER, SOILMEC, LIEBHERR, CASAGRANDE, SANY, XCMG, SWDM,etc.

Kelly bar is also called drill pipe, be used together with rotary rig drill buckets, rotary rig drill augers, core barrels, casing tubes, tremie pipes, etc. The application of kelly bar is for foundation construction work, for example, the construction for bridge, high-speed way, buildings and so on.

The quality of kelly bar could decide the project progress and the drilling efficiency. To UNIDRILL kelly bars ( headquarter is DRILLMASTER), we adopt top quality seamless steel tube from leading steel factory, which has better roundness and straightness, high precision, more stable performance, more reasonable molecular structure , etc. This could extend the service life of UNIDRILL kelly bar, make UNIDRILL kelly bar ( reliable kelly bar factory in China) not easy to break, save the cost for maintanous and achieve win-win with customer by using China quality kelly bar factory-Unidrill kelly bar.

Up to now, Unidrill kelly bar have gotten good reputation from our end-users, and we will continue to prompt our brand influence in the market



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