Unidrill Power Head for Rotary Drill Rig

The power head is the core component of the rotary drilling rig, which provides torque and pressure for the drilling rig; it provides guidance for the drilling of the drill pipe; and provides high and low frequency instantaneous impact for the drilling of the drill bit.

Unidrill power head advantages:

  1. The structural parts are reliable and effective in strength, ensuring stable construction and reliable hole formation;
  2. The sliding ear installation of the carriage is free of assembly adjustment;
  3. The slide plate is easy to disassemble and maintain;
  4. Modularization of steel wire rope and cylinder pressure configuration,
  5. Maintenance of pressurized pulley without dismantling steel wire rope;
  6. The buffer device has an anti-torsion function;
  7. Buffer mechanical limit effective protection buffer device and structural parts;
  8. The buffer is far superior to its counterparts, works more smoothly, and effectively protects structural parts;
  9. The fixing method of the key plate is easy to replace and there is no risk of oil leakage;
  10. The length of the key plate is better than that of peers, and the drill pipe has better guidance and better force;
  11. The sleeve interface is modularized, and a full set of pipework methods can be switched;
  12. The sleeve can be matched with a small size drill pipe downwards;
  13. Sleeve customized bearings, improve accuracy, impact resistance, improve the structural strength and sealing of the box
  14. Open the cover under the box to improve the strength, rigidity, tightness, processability, replacement and maintenance;
  15. The tank body, case cover, sleeve end cover, and gear shaft lower cover are all equipped with oil drain to avoid blind areas for oil change;
  16. The combined sealing structure will never enter the sand and prevent oil leakage;
  17. It can match all construction work modes of host manufacturers.



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