Unidrill kelly bar for Bauer drill rig BG40

This two sets of UNIDRILL interlocking kelly bar is for Bauer BG40 drill rig. Size of them is 470-4*20m, and this two UNIDRILL interlocking kelly bar will be delivered to the destination port soonest.

This kelly bar order is also from one of our older clients, who have cooperated with us many years. They trust UNIDRILL kelly bar’s quality, all the kelly bars they need in their construction site are from UNIDRILL. And thank the trust and support from each of our client, now, UNIDRILL kelly bar has been well known at both home and abroad.

We will continue to provide high quality kelly bar to our clients, and as long as you purchase from UNIDRILL, you will enjoy the reliable service From DRILLMASTER ( Headquarter of UNIMATE and UNIDRILL).

Experienced R&D people and workers, strict quality control, quality and professional service, this is DRILLMASTER.




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