Unidrill suggest you how to choose suitable bullet teeth for bore piling drill buckets augers

UNIDRILL supply kinds of drill bits used for bore piling drilling buckets and piling augers, core barrels, eg: bullet teeth, flat teeth, roller bits and etc.

However, do you khow how to that what kind of bullet teeth should be chosed for different bore pile drilling core barrels, kinds of drill buckets, drill augers? Since there are many different shapes and different sizes of bullet teeth, also called tungsten carbide bullet teeth. So, how to choose the suitable kind of bullet teeth for your bore pile drilling buckets, rock augers, core barrels or centrifugal drill buckets?

Firstly, this depends on the bore pile need to drill, or, we can say, decided by the geologic condition of the project.

Secondly, the OD (size) of the drill bucket or augers used. Experienced manufacturers can recommend the suitable bullet teeth / drill teeth / drill bit directly according to the customers' description for the construction site and the drill tools they use.

So, two things are very important for choosing a suitable kind of drill bits ( carbide bullet teeth), the quality of the cargos and the experience of the manufacturer.



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