18TL, 25T drilling buckets soil teeth
18TL, 25T drilling buckets soil teeth

18TL, 25T drilling buckets soil teeth

Soil Teeth No. Description Unit Weight (Kg)
18TL Teeth Soil Teeth 0.89
18TL Holder Holder 1.66
18PN/LK Pin/Lock 0.2
25T Teeth Soil Teeth 2.28
25T Holder Holder 3.3
25T PN/LK Pin/Lock 0.2
V19 Teeth Soil Teeth 2.1
V19 Holder Holder 3.0
V20 Teeth Soil Teeth 2.5
V20 Holder Holder 3.0
22S Teeth Soil Teeth 1.25
22S Holder Holder 2.5
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Soil teeth are widely used with soil drilling buckets together while in foundation construciton. 

Application: Suitable for drilling in clay, silt and loose to medium dense-sand and gravel.

Material: 42CrMo.

Models: 18TL, 25T, V19, V20 , 22S.


Made of high carbon steel and alloy ssteel water glass investment casting, high strength and impact performance, both low cost and wear-resistant and durable.

Unidrill manufactures a complete range of cemented tungsten carbide replacement wear parts for foundation drill, mining and tunneling, trenching, road milling industries...

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