BSK17 Betek Carbide Teeth For Trenching And Foundation Drilling
BSK17 Betek Carbide Teeth For Trenching And Foundation DrillingBSK17 Betek Carbide Teeth For Trenching And Foundation Drilling

BSK17 Betek Carbide Teeth For Trenching And Foundation Drilling

FOB Price:
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Min.Order Quantity: 1000 pieces
Supply Ability:
100000 pieces per month
Shipping Port:
Tianjing, China
Payment Terms:
Brand Name:  UNIDRILL
Place of Origin:  China

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Product Description

Unidrill manufactures and supplies various high quality trencher spare parts such as tungsten carbide trencher bullet teeth and forged metal replacement tooth that are EQIVELENT  to Betek as below:

BM11, BM10, BM46, BHR03, BM84, BM44, BM76, BHR171, BM56, BM55, BM82, BM60, BHR109, BTR02,BTR, BTR09, BTR01, BTR07, BHR20, BSK19, BSK22, BSK15, BSK16, BSK17, BSK23, BSK21, BSH204, BSH09, BSH05, BSH211, BSH210, BC68, BC26,BC82, BHR07, BHR164, BHR12, BHR05, BC58, BC05, BC60, BC06, BC49, BC64, BC14, BC41, BC03, BC81, BC04, BC43, BC01, BC15, BC61, BC44, BC79, BC36, BC39, BC62, BC77, BC56, BC33, BC78, BHR27, BHR120, BHR30, BHR176, BTK01, BTK03, BTK141, BTK10, BTK70, BTK54, BTK87, BTK20, BTK23, BTK26, BTK16, BTK81, BTK80, BTK82, BTK89, BTK142, BTK11, BTK135, BTK14, BTK43, BTK144, BTK120, BTK121, BTK122, BTK123, BTK124, BTK125, BTK113, BTK126, BTK127, BHR186, BHR121, BHR34, BHR31, BHR145, BKS165, BKS144, BKS162, BKS151, BKS163, BKS160, BKS161, BKS168, BKS166, BKS167, BKS169, BKS171, BKS172, BKS170, BKS174, BKS193, BKS175, BKS158, BKS176, BKS178,BKS177, BKS179, BKS180, BKS181,BKS182, BKS183,BKF27, BKF24,BKF22, BKF25,BKF28, BKF29,BKF32, BKF33, BKF31, BKF30, BKF40, BKF39, BKF39S, BKF38, BKF36, BKF36S, BKF34,BKF37, BKF41, BKF42, BKF43, BKF44, BKF45, BHR187, BHR188, BHR204, BHR38, BKF22H, BKF26H, BKF24H, BKF49H, BKF30H, BKF31H, BKF38H, BKF36H, BKF26P, BKF22P, BKF25P, BKF33P, BKF30P, BKF31P, BKF38P, BKF36P.


All the Unidrll's trenching teeth can be well fit and work on trencher machines like Tesmec Chainsaw 885 CS,975 CS,1150XHD,1475 CS,1675 CS,M3 CS,M5 CS; Next trenchers(Spain) RC-1500,RC-1200,RC-800,RC-385,RC-610,RP-500,D-250,Vermeer,John Deere,Case,Bobcat,Barreto,Ditch Witch,Dingo,Astec,Lowe,Kubota. No matter your machines types are chainsaw,wheel,chain,or wall behind,hand held you can find the right replacement teeth here at Unidrill. Please feel free to contact us for your inquiry, and our well trained experienced sales engineers will response fast with professional knowledge. 

Company Information

Unidrill manufactures a complete range of cemented tungsten carbide replacement wear parts for foundation drill, mining and tunneling, trenching, road milling industries. We not just produce and sell, we pride ourself on delivering productivity and efficiency and value. At Unidrill, we have a very simple philosophy: provide the best possible product at the best possible price. By strict process control and using the strongest materials, our products are manufactured to the high quality standards that our global customers always rely on. We aim to be one of the most important global players with well-respected brand names in the market. 



Contact Information

Address: Xingsha International Enterprise Centre, Luositang Road, Xingsha, Changsha 410000, P.R.China

 Whatsapp/Wechat: +86 13647327093, Tel: (86)731-8403-0163